How To Dress For Gym According To Your Body Type

Women like to dress well even to the gym. While you must focus on how practical the clothes are, you can also pay a little bit of attention to the type of your body and what looks the best on you. Doing this will bring out your best features and motivate you to better your body even more. Here are the best options for each body  

Pear shape body type Pear shape bodies are naturally heavy on the lower body. Therefore, it is a great idea to wear neon or light coloured tops because they will immediately put more emphasis on the upper part of your body. Wear womens sports pants that are dark in colour and also preferably full-legged. Instead of wearing a form fitting trouser wear something with a flare at the end so that it makes your hips look slimmer and elongates your figure overall. Do not pick trousers that come with stripes down the legs because they will draw the eyes to your hips and make them look fuller than they actually are.  

Rectangle shape body type You need to add a bit more curve to that lovely angular figure you have. Skinnies that come with some ruching along the sides are great options. Some trousers with just a bit of colour around the hips are also great. Choose womens sports tanks with ample padding and you can even slip into a cute tank top that will make you look really feminine. Make sure to avoid wearing the same colour on both your upper body and lower body. It will take away the shape of your figure.  Click here to view more about womens active wear.

Apple shape body type For the lovely ladies who have an apple shape figure, wear t-shirts and the likes that will come with a knot to be tied at the end or has some cinching. This will put the emphasis to your hip and middle area and also cover up the stomach area really well, especially because the stomach area is the biggest problem zone for apple shape body types. Fitted trousers and capris are clotting items that will really highlight your legs which is your best looking feature. Do not wear trousers with a flare because they will make you look bulky. 

Hourglass shape body type Try to pick V-neck t-shirts and other clothing with a neckline that is low. This will elongate your neck area. You have great quadriceps so opt for something that will show off your legs. Do not wear loose fitting clothing or clothing that covers you up fully because it will make you look really small. Every body type has its own appeal. All you need to do is just bring out a bit more of the wow factor with the correct attire.